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Schedule For The Knightletter

The Knightletter is the newsletter sent to Michigan Knights of the Highway members each month, March to October.

Information for the newsletter should be received by the VP of Publications before the "Information To Editor" date as shown below.

The newsletter will be issued each month (unless otherwise noted) - April through September.  The Knightletter is mailed (printed in black & white) or Emailed (as color PDF file) to current members of the Michigan Knights of the Highway.

Following are the newsletter dates.


Knightletter Issue

Information To Editor

Newsletter Issued


03-27-2016 04-01-2016


04-27-2016 04-28-2016


05-25-2016 05-30-2016


06-28-2016 06-30-2016
August 08-01-2016 08-02-2016
September 09-28-2016 09-29-2016

The above dates are set so that members will have time to sign-up for the next month's rally.  These dates will be adjusted each year depending on the year’s rally dates.


This page was last updated on 03/23/16